During the period of Cro-Magnon at the city Soloutre of France, almost 22.000 years ago, we can see that some people made some delicate curving on stone with many different shapes. These cave painting are very complicated and look almost like a modern design. These people that was able to curve semiprecious stones they also were using very thin needles made of bone. This automatically shows us that the clothes were made with careful juncture and was not just the leather of an animal dropped on the shoulders as we think about these people.
The picture we have about the wild man of this period collapses as times goes by!

At Lysac - France there have been found paintings on the walls of caves, 12.000 - 15.000 old that images people of the Magdalean period dressed with carefully tailored clothes with many colours and fine fit on the body.
The colours of these paintings in these pages remained very strong and clear. There are no sign of smoke in these cages and we wonder what were they using to see what they were painting on these walls!

These paintings are at 3 to 4 meters above the level of the ground in the cave. This indicates the use of scaffold to work up there. But if they new how to use a scaffold in the cave couldn't they use it also to build a house outside of it? Were they really leaving in caves like wild animals?

So, we can see that French tailors have a very long tradition on cloth design and making. This can maybe explain how they manage to be so successful on tailoring until today...! ;-)


Vertical loom with weights: this is the main type of loom of classic antiquity and this is considered the main type of loom of the prehistoric Greece. Is constituted from two vertical beams and one only horizontal, that is connected with the two vertical up them. In this horizontal beam are fixed warp, that are stretched via the weight with a line weights tied up in utmost. The weave became from down to up and not from up to down, as in the Egyptjan's looms. The ready buckram was wrapped round the horizontal beam, that will be supposed for this aim to have cylindric cross-section.

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