Geometry on the ancient maps

One of the things that impressed me and I could not find yet any good explanations is the geometrical relation of the distances between ancient cities and temples. Some people are talking about a try to reproduce on earth some star combinations from earth, but this explanation, although it has some evidence like the Virgo over Athens and the same with some other cities, doesn't explain everything. There are some evidence of a reproduction of the entire zodiac circle in to Greek map and the use of the symbols of the zodiac signs to the coins that every city was using and the Gods that were related to each area. Somehow they were trying to copy the harmony from sky to earth.

It is believed that Hipparhos was using geodetic methods to determine any point on earth. But knowing how to do it is one thing and making entire cities to specific areas determined from common reference points is another. Even if we understand how they were able to do it, we still have the question. Why? What was the purpose of this arrangement and what effect can it have even today? How was harmony working in this plan?
Knowing about the sliding places of zodiac signs they were trying to move their cities and churches according to it. We can see it on remains of ancient cities and ancient temples too, as in Parthenon of Athens.

We can see the use of number pi=3.14 of the golden number phi=1.618 and as counting units the stadium 1 stadium = 184.454 meters. Something else we see in the distances between cities is the proportions like 1:1, 3:2, 4:3, 9:8, 256:243, 8:3, 4:1, 9:2



isosceles triangles

temple of Athena Afaia
the temple of Athena Afaia at Aegina island

One of the most famous such placements is the isosceles triangle between the Acropolis of Athens, the temple of Poseidon at Sounion and the temple of Afaia Athena at Aegina with distance of 242 stadium. If it was the only one it could be just a coincidence but we have some more interesting triangles...
Most of them are related to Delos, Delphi and Dodoni. It is another interesting coincidence that these three names are using as first letter the D, delta in Greek, this letter is written as an isosceles triangle too!



cities with same distance from Delphi
cities with same distance from Delphi

The oracle of Delphi was believed to be the navel of the world. As a symbol it reminds to us the human birth where the navel passes the life from mother to the child and also the weight balance point that is the navel for the human.
Here they are some cities that have equal distance from the Delphi.
As a measuring unit we use the stadium = 185,2 meters.



cities with same distance from Delos
cities with same distance from Delos

Delos was a holly island almost from the beginning of the Greek history. It was the place where God Apollo was born. It seems to be important not only in religion but also as a central geodetical point for all Greece and maybe even very much farther! The holiness of Delos was accepted not only from Greeks but also from other peoples too. When Persians destroyed temples in many other cities they made travel s to the temples of Delos!
After the Greek - Persian wars Athens managed to manipulate religious people in a way that got from Delos its religious power. But after that Athens did not had any great future either...

These cities have the same distance from Delos:




cities with same distance from Dodoni
cities with same distance from Dodoni

The oracle of Dodoni was dedicated to Zeus and was one of the most important in Greece. Divinations were giving by the priests after the observation of the movements of the holly oak. This seems stupid to us, but the people were going to Dodoni from very far for these divinations, so there must be a good reason for them!

These cities have the same distance from Dodoni:


Similar analogies have been measured for Athens, Sparta, Argos, Knossos, Pella etc.

Smyrna has the same distance from Athens and Thessaloniki (1620 stadiums). (Phi x 1000)
Marathon has the same distance from Athens and Karystos.

Delphi has the same distance from Sardis and from the temple of Ammon Zeus in Egypt.


geographic numerology

The distance from Iolkos to Eleusina is 850 stadiums. The sum of the numeric values of the letters of the word «Eleysis»as it was written is also 850. E=5 + L=30 + E=5 + Y=400 + S=200 + I=10 + S=200 = 850


Halkida has the same distance from Thivai and Amfieareio, it is 162 stadiums. The distance between Thivai and Amfieareiao is 262 stadiums.
Look at this: 162 stadiums x Phi 1.62 = 262
but also 100 x Phi2= 262.
The triangle is under the harmony of the golden number Phi=1.62.

Halkida has the same distance from Athens and Megara equal to 314 stadiums. This is pi x 100. As we see the same city has Phi x 100 used also.

The distance from Athens to Sparta equals to the distance from Athens to Delos, it is 800 stadiums. This distance is the same with the height of the big Pyramid of Egypt multiplied by 1001.

The distance between Delphi and Delos is 1460 stadiums. 1460 years is the big Sothic year of Egyptians. Every 1460 years the star Serious makes a complete circle. Dividing 365 by 4 we have 365, another number to think about the coincidence.



Parthenon of Athens

Parthenon was build between 447 and 438 B.C. and 5 more years were used for his sculptures. From then until now impresses all us not only with beauty but also with its peculiarity. The marble for his construction came from Penteli Mountain, from a place that today is famous for paranormal phenomena. Each part from every column weights from 80 to 120 tons and has unique individual construction for only one specific place in the building. All these marble parts were transferred over a distance of 19 km. The technical part was not something to mention for the ancient people, but the fine result is discussed even today.

The shape of the Parthenon has not even one straight line but everywhere we can see gentle curves. In it's proportions we fiend the golden number Phi and the formula a/2a+1. The optical result is not only harmonious and beautiful but also sometimes unexpected! Parthenon seems to be much bigger than what it really is but without making his size to look too heavy over the area. Comparing its size (69,54m. long, 30,78m. wide, 20. height) to several modern building you can observe the big difference. Some people say that this is because the energy that it radiates and maybe it is similar with the moon that looks much bigger sometimes.

We don't even know well enough the details and the secrets of its construction. There are indications that there is a basement under it because its foundation goes to 11 m deep. Some stairs going down to nowhere and a square sinking inside of it make us to suspect that there were other uses that we don't know today.

Its columns are not vertical but if we extend their lines up, they meet each other at the height of 1852 meters. The volume of this virtual pyramid is the half of the volume of the great pyramid of Egypt, equals to 45.000.000 Greek cubic feet.
The width of the base of Parthenon (100 Greek feet) equals to angle of one second at the equator.

The centre of Parthenon has the same distance from Thisio, Pnyka, Philopapou monument and the centre of the temple of Olympious Zeus. These spots are placed to the corners of an octagon.

Parthenon is supposed to be built in a knot of energy lines and this makes it to act like an emitting antenna of these energies all around. Some people think that it acts like a huge capacitor too. A lot of people have reported the strange behaviour of electric instruments around it. Some GPSs can't work properly there. Same rumours about non functioning instruments are related to the big pyramid of Giza.

There are rumours about energy Lay lines that are passing from Parthenon connecting to other ancient Greek monuments and going farther to Stonehenge, to the big pyramid of Giza, the temple of Solomon. Some people believe that Parthenon is one of the most important energy points worldwide.

Will we ever be able to understand these energies and use them properly again? Healing powers of such places are documented from the ancient times. Some people experimented with healing energies today with almost hidden results. Nicola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich are the most famous, but we are not ready to go farther than they did.


rectilinearing - lining up

oracle of Delphi
oracle of Delphi

Some cities can be on a line as a coincidence, but how many of them can convince us that it is not only coexistence? One such famous line passes through Rome, Metapontium, stop -oracle, Delphi, Eleusis, Athens, Delos, Kos, Rodos, and Nazareth. The name of this road out of Rome and out of Athens is the same, Holly Road.

The Oracle of Dodoni is in the same line with oracle of Delphi, the Acropolis of Athens and Delos.

The oracle of Delphi was the most important point for measuring distance between ancient cities and temples. It was not only an oracle but also a healing place. Many sick people were going there and after a process like initiation that had to remain secret, many people were healed. This made a great fortune for the oracle from the people's gifts.

It seems that the several oracles were able to communicate very fast but we can't imagine the method they used.

A long straight line goes through Stonehenge, Acropolis of Athens, and the big pyramid of Egypt.



map of Denmark
map of Denmark

There are at Denmark four ancient castles (what is left from them) that are lined up. There are at: Trelleborg, Eskeholm, Fyrkat and Aggersborg. Sometime in the history there was there castles made from wood. Now they remain only the holes of the bigger wood-poles, filled with concrete by the archaeologists. Their design is impressive and different from anything else around there. The plan of the castle of Trelleborg creates something like a parabolic antenna showing the line to the other three castles. All these castles have circle design divided to four equal parts. Poul Nerloud is an archaeologist from Denmark and he believes that these castles are older than Vikings, because they did not make such designs and they were preferring castles near the sea and not in the land.

Preben Hansson is the amateur pilot that discovered these four castles back in 1982. He wrote a book about them, 'Trelleborgenes ukendte fortid', it is translated to English too. He believes that there is a possibility to be used alien technology to align these four strange castles on a line.

It is very interesting to know that if this line that connects the four castles will be extended to southeast, it goes directly to the oracle of Delphi in Greece. Apollo, the Greek god of Delphi, according to the myth was travelling north every winter on his flying vehicle that was drawn by swans and he was returning from there every spring.
There were some ceremonies in Delos Island to honour Apollo and some foreign women priests were bringing some flowers to him from far North! Nobody knows from where exactly and how.



There are in Germany some cities lined up or having same distances from some points too. As an example the cities Nurnberg, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Worms and Speyer are lined up. Another longer line with cities is: Aachen, Frankfurt, Wurzburg, Nurnberg and Donaustaouf.

There are more arrangements like that and nobody knows who designed and made it and especially how and why? It seems to be very ancient and we don't know if it is working somehow even today!


equilateral triangle

A perfect equilateral triangle is shaped between the famous Stonehenge, the Grovely castle and the Old Sarum. The length of each side is 9.7 Km - 6 miles. Some people see the 6-6-6 as a suspicious point there.

...and an hexagon

A perfect hexagon is shaped from some of the biggest churches of England. Check it: Durham, Chester, Lincoln, Wells, Woonchester and Canterbury. Before these churches were built there were ancient temples of the Druids. How and why they managed to create such a perfect big hexagon?


Lay lines

The famous Lay Lines are met first time at England. Some monuments of several ages were built on them. Some people believe that there lines with a magnetic behaviour, other people say that they are just lines, and some else just coincidence. The magnetic change on these lines is traceable with our modern technology and creates a kind of grid. It is very interesting that on the knots of these grids it is often build some ancient monuments. Some of these monuments are related to healing powers either from a holly church or from a holly spring etc.

Alfred Watkins was photographer and archaeologist. At the start of 20th century he observed the alignment of these ancient monuments and wrote books about them. From then a lot of people are searching for the solution of this mystery.

If we go to west France at Karnack of Breton we can see many same lines made from menir (standing rocks). Many of these rocks are older than 5.500 years.

There are some people sensitive enough that can see such lines during the night with bright moon. They claim that these lines are like having more light.

The southest island of Greece is Crete. There is the ancient palace of Knossos where the king Minos made maybe one of the anciests roads in Europe. This road is supposed to be made on a Lay Line having strange energies until today.

Maybe the ancient people were more sensitive and capable to see these energies around as paths with more light. At the points were these lines were making knots they were building. But it is just a theory, until we manage to see these energies with our own eyes and verify the results...


giant balls

At the Central America in Costa Rica there were found some interesting balls! During the decade of 1940 there were cleaning the tropical forest to get farming land. There were found some giant stone balls. The bigger of them weight almost 16 tons. The small were about 10 cm diameter. These balls were placed in groups from 3 to 50 pieces. Observing these stones from the air, they were making shapes like lines, triangles and other shapes but without any obvious use.

These rocks are spread on an area of many kilometres. It was believed that they were made by the Incas or the Mayas but dating them with modern methods seemed to be even older than these peoples. Excavations in the area did not manage to fiend any sign of human activity to declare who and why shaped these rocks to perfect balls and placed them over there.

But this kind of balls made of rock is not only in Costa Rica. A lot other areas worldwide mentioned similar balls. Egypt, Australia, Brazil, USA, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Nepal, Russia - Altay, Crimea and Caucasus. Some rocks from Guadalajara that were analyzed in New York showed strange inner construction made with unknown technology. And of course some other scientists claim that it is just a coincidence of natural rock shapes.

Some of these rocks seem to have strange powers making clocks to stop, measurement instruments to work not properly, like some kind of field exists around them. Some people claim even healing powers! The only thing we know for sure is that we know nothing about the reasons behind these!


...tiny balls

At the Russian city Dalnegorsk at the 17th of January 2003, it was appeared a strange flying object in the sky and spread around tiny little balls from an unknown material. Dr Anatoly Garshits of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences has not an explanation about it but says it is often over our world and it is related to the big balls of rock that we mentioned above.

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