Hephaestus, the technician God!

Hephaestus working on Achileas weapons One of the 12 Olympian Gods was a mechanic engineer!
But let's take things from the beginning.
Hephaestus was son of Zeus and Hera. When he was born he was so small and weak that his mother took such a shock that she never wanted to see him again. She threw him away from Olympus (the mountain the Gods lived on), but Hephaestus was lucky! He fell into the sea where Thetis and Eurynome found him. They took him to an underwater cave and took good care of him until he became an persons . There, in the underwater cave, Hephaestus created his first laboratory and was making many gold things and jewellery for the women that had saved him.

As a revenge on his mother Hera, he made a golden throne and sent it to her. When Hera sat on it, automatically chains tied her on it! Hephaestus didn't even for a moment considers to release her. Then Dionysus went to him and after getting him drunk convinced him to release his mother, the Goddess of the sky.

Nine years later, Hercules noticed a beautiful jewel that Thetis had and forced her to tell him where she had found it. She told the truth and this impressed the Gods so much that Hephaestus was brought to Olympus and became acceptable by the other Gods. There he got a beautiful laboratory with twenty furnaces burning day and night and had the Goddess of beauty Venus to be his wife!

After a fight with his father Zeus he was thrown again from Olympus to the island of Lemnos. This time he was not so lucky and he got both his legs broken. Since then he was using golden crouches to walk.
One day that he got bored to stop working all alone, he made some golden robots with woman's shape that could help him to walk, to work, and talk with him. He had also made a lot of tables with three feet with wheels that were able to follow anyone who needed them. He was also making the lightnings that Zeus was using as weapon and a lot of other tools! He was making whatever the other Gods or their sons wanted!

His name Hephaestus became known as Vulcan to Romans, as a God primarily related to fire and volcanoes but at last became a god of metallurgy.

In Egyptian mythology a similar God has the name Ptah. One tradition held that he had created all things of mud; another, that he spoke the names of all things and his will created them from his words. Ptah was the chief god of Memphis, who created the Moon, the Sun, and the Earth. Ptah was the patron of artisans.


Another hero that suffered because of offering technology to humans was Prometheus. When after the creation of human he observed him as naked, without shoes, weapons and home decided to correct the mistake of the creation and offer him technology and energy, or as the myth says fire stolen from the God Hephaestus. But the other Gods had other plans for the humans. They gave to humans a lot of difficulties to compensate the Prometheus' gift, and punished him chaining him on Kafkasos mountain where an eagle was sent to eat his liver every day.

It seems that whoever tries for the good of the humanity, usually has a bad end...

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